Shelton, Washington Community Solar Garden

$192.90 · Mason County PUD 3 · Coming Soon
Additional $1.08/kWh State Incentive until 2020!

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Be a part of something BIG, by getting your personal share of PUD 3’s 75-kilowatt community solar project.

You’ll get all of the direct benefits of your own system through the PUD’s shared solar project, without some of the biggest hassles:

  • Having to fork out tens of thousands of dollars for an installation.
  • Worrying about all those solar panels, brackets and connectors weighing down your roof.
  • Not enough of a southern exposure to catch the sun.
  • Wondering if your neighbor’s trees will grow tall enough to block the sun.
  • Living in fear of your homeowners association’s covenants.
  • Adopting a lifestyle required for a home renewable energy system.

Mason County’s first local community solar project will be at the PUD’s Johns Prairie offices. Customers can get their slice of the sun by purchasing solar units in the system. Each unit costs $100 (maximum 100 units per customer), with 2,893 available units.

The investment will pay itself off quickly (we estimate between three and four years) in two ways:

  • An annual credit on your electric bill based on the electricity generated by your share of the project.
  • An annual Washington State production incentive, in cold hard cash (well, actually it’ll be a check!), of $1.08/kWh that your solar units generate through 2020.

Try out our payback calculator to see how your investment would pay off (for informational purposes only).

Register for your solar units online or call our conservation department: 360-426-0777.

So everyone gets an even chance, names will be chosen in a random drawing of registered customers. You must be a Mason PUD 3 residential customer to participate. The drawing is September 17, 2015 at 12:00 noon.



2681 East Johns Prairie Road, Shelton, WA, United States


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